Get £2,500 Funding for windows & doors

£2,500 Window & Door Funding for UK Homeowners

Windows and doors funding has been made available for homeowners in the UK meaning you can now get £2,500 funding for windows and Doors if yours are over 5 years old.

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How this process works:

1. Fill out our simple form

We will collect information from you about your property, and assess the eligibility of your claim.

2. Choose a package

You can expect your free window funding within 1-2 weeks of applying, should your application be accepted.

3. Receive a Quote

We will match you with a local installer & provide you with the best quote for your new windows and doors.

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Reasons why your home NEEDS new windows

Millions of UK residents have already taken advantage of new windows

Why does the funding exist?

A poorly insulated property whose windows and doors don’t keep in heat properly can cause you to lose money on energy bills.

Thankfully, this funding will help you replace your faulty & worn out windows with new A* rated ones. This will help make your home energy efficient and ultimately help the environment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your old windows and doors could be responsible for as much as 20% of the heat loss in your home, leading to you having to spend far more on heating bills than you otherwise would need to. New replacements will eliminate draughts and improve the thermal efficiency of your home, bringing you savings on your bills for the foreseeable future.

The value of savings is difficult to precisely measure and will depend on multiple different factors, including the size of your home, existing levels of glazing, and the energy demand for your household. Installing new double glazing can bring immediate savings. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that an entirely single-glazed semi-detached gas heated property installing A-rated double glazing could save £195 a year. If they installed A++ rated double glazing, the savings could be up to £235 a year.

With heating bills at exceptionally high levels, there is a need to help households with the costs by providing them with access to more energy efficient windows and doors. Reducing heat loss will be beneficial not only to bills, but will also help households reduce their carbon footprint, which all help contribute towards carbon neutral targets for the UK.

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Do I qualify for the funding?